Inside ActiveJob - with Jerry D'Antonio

Leandog Inc, 1151 N Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH

31 attended Thu, Mar 3, 2016, 6:00PM

ActiveJob made a huge impact when it landed Rails 4.2. Most job processors support it and many developers use it. But few ever need to dig into the internals. How exactly does ActiveJob allow us to execute performant, thread-safe, asynchronous jobs in a language not known for concurrency? This talk will answer that question. We'll build our own asynchronous job processor from scratch and along the way we'll take a deep dive into queues, job serialization, scheduled tasks, and Ruby's memory model.

Jerry has been a professional programmer for two decades. When not attending heavy metal concerts, playing video games, or studying programming languages he works on the concurrent-ruby gem, which he created. Jerry has worked professionally with numerous languages and has built software for a diverse set of industries. His current languages of choice are Ruby, Go, JavaScript, and Erlang. Jerry is a software developer for Test Double and proudly lives in Akron, Ohio.
‚Äč Schedule:
6:00 - Open Discussions, Networking
6:30 - Announcements, Lightning Talks?
7:00-? - Jerry's presentation
Afterwards - Off to Nano Brew

Parking is always free - turn left into the drive just past the USS Cod, go to the left of the booth (there is no gate and you don't have to pay) and grab a parking spot. Walk to the boat. We'll be in the downstairs LeanDog space (door to the left) at the front of the boat.

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