Open Space Discussions + Hacktoberfest Hacking!

Leandog Inc, 1151 N Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH

16 attended Thu, Oct 6, 2016, 6:00PM

How OpenSpace Works:

OpenSpace is a small set of rules that allow groups of people to interact in a simple, productive, organized way to create valuable dialogs that address the participants' most important issues.  We will hope to have enough time for 2 or 3 45 minute sessions.

The Fundamental "Rules" of the sessions are:

• Whoever shows up is the right group

• Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

• Whenever it starts is the right time

• When it's over, it's over.

To lead an OpenSpace Talk:

• Come up with an interesting topic and title for your discussion.

• Post the title / short description of your topic.

• If you see topics that have something in common, consider combining them into a single time slot.

• Start the discussion when you're ready, although we will have designated time slots to promote introduction of new topics for discussion throughout the evening.

Hacktoberfest (in parallel) :

Celebrate open source this October by participating in Hacktoberfest, a month-long festival of code organized by our friends at DigitalOcean and hosted on GitHub. To participate, simply open a pull request and contribute to any open source project. You can fix a bug, add a feature, or even improve some documentation.


6:00 - Open Discussions, Networking 

6:20 - Announcements 

6:30 - Post open space topics / locations

6:30 - Post Hacktoberfest projects of interest

6:35 - Break up into open space groups for ~45 mins

6:35 - Break up into pairs to work on Hacktoberfest projects

9:00 - Finish up sessions and help to clean up

9:20 - Doors close

Parking is always free - turn left into the drive just past the USS Cod, go to the left of the booth (there is no gate and you don't have to pay) and grab a parking spot. Walk to the boat. We'll be in the downstairs LeanDog space (door to the left) at the front of the boat.

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