Blowin' Up Your Database - Attila Domokos

Leandog Inc, 1151 N Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH

13 attended Thu, May 3, 2018, 6:00PM - 9:00PM

The monolithic database your app was built with has served you well. The business is going great, more and more clients are importing larger and larger data your app has to work with. The times, when the database server was happy and relaxed, are over. CPU now is rarely below 95%, more and more deadlocks and lock wait timeouts are popping up. You tried scaling what you have by analyzing query plans, but that wouldn't cut it. Scaling up your database server is not an option anymore, you are already using the largest instance possible. What can you do?

Attila Domokos is a software engineer at Kenna Security in Chicago, a company that analyzes security data for companies. He has helped scaling their monolithic application and database by splitting them into smaller units.
He has been studying functional programming, as he finds its declarative nature to be more concise than its object-oriented relatives.
He teaches kids programming in his free time, he enjoys coming up with exercises they find captivating at an early age.

• 6:00 - Open Discussions, Networking
• 6:30 - Announcements, Lightning Talks?
• 7:00-8:30 - Attila's presentation
• 9:00 - Time to leave

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