CleRB: Hackfest

7 attended Thu, Dec 11, 2008, 7:00PM

Due to the holiday, we'll be having our meeting a week earlier than usual.

Bring your Ruby questions! If you have code you've been struggling with, or questions you just can't find answers to, bring them to this month's meeting. Bryan Liles ( has said (besides Test all the F**kin' Time) that the best way to learn or get better at Ruby is to work with other Ruby developers as much as possible.

In that spirit, we will spend some time helping each other with whatever we need help with! After that we'll have about 30 minutes for lightening talks. These can be on any Ruby-related topic you want. Have a cool plugin you found or wrote? Share it! Find a new pattern on a blog? Explain it! We want to keep them about 5-7 minutes in length. And of course, afterwards, we'll hit up the Harp for a beer or two.

If anyone needs to get in touch with me before the event, you can reach me at[masked].

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